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The First 10 Years…

This Web Page is about the Victoria Institution and the Victorians who
have passed through it, remembering its traditions, honouring the past, and keeping in touch. Dedicated to all true blue Victorians around the globe. The opinions expressed in the interviews and memoirs are not necessarily those of the pagekeepers. Please inform us of any errors.

viweb.school which is now based in Singapore comes after the migration from viweb.mysite.com (formerly viweb.freehosting.net/vihome.htm) based in the USA. This website is still on HTML2.0 (old format).

With the move, new technologies can be used like WordPress, mobile phone support, and etc. The new books.viweb.school has a WordPress plug-in which provides a platform for published books written by Victorians to be shared.

The new website is http://viweb.school and the old website, http://viweb.mysite.com will still be up until 01 January 2019.

Go to http://viweb.school/vihome.htm.

New changes to VIweb in a table.

viweb.mysite.comOld site: (HTML 2.0 version)Until 01/1/19
viweb.schoolNew site: (HTML 2.0 version)From 25/8/18
books.viweb.schoolNew site: (WordPress version, mobile phone support, Victorian Books, and Guestbook)
Coming soon: (Membership enrollment and etc.)
From 28/8/18

Ooi Boon Kheng ooibeekay@gmail.com
Chung Chee Min cheemchung@gmail.com
Dr. Alan Teh atkh99@yahoo.co.uk
Dennis Loh Kok Kin lkk.dennis2@gmail.com


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