Hajeedar Journey in Architecture

Hajeedar Journey in Architecture

Genre: Architecture

The contents and intention of this autobiograhy  is endowed snippets, anecdotes and recollections as included in the chapters. Some relevant published articles are also included to provide context to the bigger picture of the author's life journey

The series of 'cerita' or stories which included some of author's childhood experiences, professional development, practise and the general observations and reflections of events in the context of our rather unique and peculiar Malaysian ethnic behavioral charateristic and patterns for better or worse as observed and developed over the years (1970-2020).

Looking back, the author has discovered a range of experiences through productive professional work and some unaccomplished  design efforts and as accumulated within a lifetime of body of works which have provided him a range of joys and disappointments.

To fulfil this intentions, this book is strutured in parts:

Part 1:  An Autobiography with some Anectodes and Sketches,

Part 2 : Professional Practise  PAM Gold Medal Award 2012, The LAM Medal President's  Medal 2017 and

Part 3 : Acompilations of selected relwvant Papers and 'Powerpoint' presentations over the years.


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