Fusion Fitness: Combining the Best from East and West

About the Book

This is one of the first books to integrate the most successful fitness principles from East and West. An all-round fitness programme that includes topics on:

  • Understanding your body and its response to exercise, how to do them and why they work
  • Nutrition, the other side of the exercise equation
  • Exercise and eating for people over 50.

Since its publication the fusion fitness approach to health and exercise extolled by the book has become widely accepted, particularly in the United States.

There are more than 130 photos and illustrations to take readers stage by stage through all elements of the Fusion Fitness programme.

For over 25 years, the author has studied a wide range of disciplines including yoga, Pilates, the Alexander Technique, callanetics, and Chinese martial arts. Focusing on exercises that integrate the best and safest elements from these disciplines, she presents a balanced exercise regimen for optimum strength, endurance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Dozens of photos, illustrations and charts are included as well as a chapter for exercisers over 50.

Customer reviews (amazon.co.uk):

Fusion Fitness is an excellent and informative book that I would recommend to everyone with an interest in staying healthy and exercise. What allows it to stand out in this overcrowded market is it’s educational approach. It doesn’t just tell you how to get fit, it tells you why you are getting fit. By using the invaluable advice provided I have managed to make significant advances in my own fitness and wellbeing. Easily my best buy this year.
– A customer 17 December 2002

The only reason I didn’t give this book five stars is that Chan Ling is a somewhat pedantic writer. This book is exactly what I was looking for!

Most of us are far from perfectly fit, and most have weak and unbalanced muscle groups—and yes, a lot of us are over 50. I want to improve my core strength and develop overall muscle tone in a way that really works—and I don’t want to be sidelined by injuries. Chan Ling’s approach provides an overall synthesis of the concepts from many practices, including western science, and distills out the most beneficial techniques. There’s no focus on meditation or spirituality. There’s no focus on peak performance. Her goal is to provide a strong base to build on, and do that quickly, simply, and with low risk of injury—and to explain why it works.

I’ve tried lots of exercise regimes. Yoga sounds great, but it puts too much stress on some of my joints, I can’t get into most of the postures, and I always have the nagging feeling that I’m not progressing much at all toward my goals.

Tai chi is great in some ways, but limited in many others, and I’m bad at the choreography aspect. I’ve looked into Pilates—it seems to really strengthen the core, but proper execution is key, and who can afford the classes? There are tons of exercise books out there, and most of them are just variations on standard, mindless calisthenics and weight training.

I’ve tried putting together my own routines, and I do have a pretty nice stretching sequence that works well for me. I do a lot of walking. But I need more muscle toning that doesn’t overwork one area while overlooking others—but I did’t know how, exactly, to accomplish this. What I do know is that the local aerobics class is not the answer.

Chan Ling goes into lots of detail about physiology, explaining why certain things work, why certain things are risky, and how to work with your body and give it what it needs. For example, I found the clear descriptions of the abdominal muscle layers and how they work very enlightening. The exercises are clearly explained and manageable in number. This is good, basic, sensible, thoughtful exercise!
– Meg in Madison 20 September 2008

Publisher: Hunter House; 2 edition (March 28, 2003)
Format: Hardcover / Paperback
Length: 224 pages, 9.2 x 0.8 x 7.2 inches
ASIN: 0897933788
ISBN: 0897933788
List Price: USD18.09 / USD 12.21
Fusion Fitness goes a step beyond many other books in the field by addressing the needs of both fitness instructors and students, as well as appealing to a wider general audience… It provides a reliable source of information that is clearly presented, easy to understand,and yet technically accurate. This book constitutes a major contribution towards the body of literature on health and fitness and fills a vital gap in the market.
– Stephanie Cook, MBE, BM, BCh (Oxon), MA (Cantab) Modern Pentathlon Olympic Gold Medalist, Sydney 2000, Modern Pentathlon European and World Champion, 2001
Chan Ling Offers a comprehensive guide to understanding how the body work, the effects of training and nutrition, plus analysis of such trendy topics as core stability. With clear diagrams and photos, this is a very user friendly manual for anyone looking to get the best from their work-outs.
– Andrew Shields Time Out, London 6-13 November 2002
The book incorporates the author’s knowledge and understanding of Eastern teachings and combines them with fitness and health techniques of the West, creating a new fitness routine for modern day living; a fusion of ideas and disciplines. This is a book for people serious about health and fitness.
– Hannah Green Limited Edition, December 2002
The book is ideal for those people who are looking to embark on a safe and holistic exercise programme while being able to understand the underlying theory behind it. Fusion Fitness is a good read for people wanting to start an exercise regime from home, and especially for the over 50’s, as the book has dedicated chapters to this age group.
– Keryn Samprey Personal Trainer
Fusion Fitness demonstrates that both Eastern and Western approaches aim to achieve similar goals: coordination, core stability, flexibility, muscle strength, awareness of mind and body, and internal energy balance. This book combines theory and practice, explaining how exercises should be performed and why they are effective.
– Harpers & Fitness Matters Harpers Fitness, Winter/Spring 2003
Chan Ling goes into lots of details about physiology, explaining why certain things work, why certain things are risky, and how to work with your body and give it what it needs. For example, I found the descriptions of the abdominal muscle layers and how they work very enlightening. The exercises are clearly explained and manageable in number. This is good, basic, sensible, thoughtful exercise.The book is exactly what I was looking for!
– Meg Madison 20 September 2008, Amazon on-line review
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About the Author
Yap Chan Ling

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Chan Ling Yap was educated in Malaysia and subsequently in England where she obtained a PhD in Economics. She lectured at the University of Malaya before joining the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, where she worked for nearly two decades. She now lives in the UK with her husband and two grown-up children.

A widely published author of various textbooks and technical papers, her foray into fiction. Sweet Offerings, her first novel was highly praised for its beautiful evocation of Asia. Bitter-Sweet Harvest, her second novel, has been nominated for the Popular Readers Choice Award 2012 in Malaysia/Singapore and listed as "one of four books you won't want to put down" by Cosmopolitan, Singapore. New Beginnings, a historical fiction, set in the mid 1800s in China and Malaya, is her third novel.

For more information, visit: www.chanlingyap.com

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