Mixed Signals

About the Book

In this anthology, Red Riding Hood gets a makeover to a Malaysian dystopia; the death of a husband spells more than loss; a father confronts foreign invaders; a Goldilocksian home invader must eat to survive; a colleague struggles over mixed signals; train passengers witness an accident, while another guesses a passenger’s gender; readers learn the magic of poetry; ghosts cross-dress, and others at a church get nostalgic; an ultra traditional girl reveals what’s hidden; a neighbor more than minds a child; a grandmother gets more than an outing in the city; a man cruises in 60s Malaysia; a Chinese stowaway meets a boy or girl; an ancient being gets checked up.
All these mixed signals make for a refreshing and an atypical debut collection of prose, experimental writings, flash fiction, and short and long stories from Leon Wing.

Genres: Fiction, Short-stories
Publisher: WingsWorldWeb
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Kindle
Length: 123 pages
ISBN: 9781386806615
List Price: RM 9.96
eBook Price: USD 2.99
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About the Author
Leon Wing

Leon Wing has taken on writing wholeheartedly after taking online courses from Open University and University of Iowa.

Leon Wing's poems can be found in PoetryPoem, Readings from Readings 2, The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles, Eksentrika, Rambutan Literary, Haikuniverse.

A poem about the Syrian migration to Europe is featured in the Fixi anthology Little Basket 2017. He occasionally takes some poem apart and puts it back together, on the poetry blog https://puisipoesy.blogspot.com.

He has short stories published in Eksentrika, Queer Southeast Asia and a Canadian Asian literary magazine Ricepaper, and in anthologies like PJ Confidential and Remang, a collection of Malaysian ghost stories.

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