Musical Talents

Peter Lim Meng Sing
Here demonstrates the musical talents of Peter Lim, the composer of melodies and the musician.

Nocturne—performed by Ke-Lin, a well-known Melbourne pianist.

Violin piece on Franz Schubert’s Standchen  10 April 2011

Elizabethan Romance by Monash Medical Orchestra 27 April 2012

M’Appari by Peter Lim 4 October 2013

Kampung Ku by Australian & Asian Orchestra 22 February 2015

Remembering A Great Malaysian, Dr. Wu Lien Teh February 2017

Poem: Time-Staddlers 11 September 2017

At the Melbourne Circle Concert 29 September 2018

MUSIC OF THE SPHERES – Youtube 20 June 2019

Music and poem (from the anthology Journey Of The Heart) by Lim Meng Sing, Melbourne. Performed on cello in the Salzburg by Professor Yvonne Timoianu, winner of International Cello Competition in 1986.
Copyright 2019 Lim Meng Sing and Yvonne Timoianu.


MEMORY LANE 23 December 2019

I dreamt I walked
in memory lane
half-way a sign I saw
‘ not again!’.

Undeterred I tried:
to tear it away
it resisted and said:
‘you once had your day!’

The sky suddenly turned grey
a storm caught my unready face
I heard the creaking of fallen trees
in a neighbouring place.

A tiny bird flew across in swiftness
these words I heard it did say:
‘this is a new world that needs you not
to this peace you don’t belong—just go away!’


A SINKING WORLD 15 March 2020

Even the steel-clad heart
has turned butterfly
the C-virus has torn the world apart
it simply refuses to die-

more value is attached
to enviable rolls of toilet-paper
it has to be daily detached
to comply with the rule of nature-

in its absence just for a moment
what’s the worth of gold or silver?
would living not lose its enjoyment?
where would the paperless run for cover?

Towns and cities are in shutdown
daily life has come to a standstill
nowhere is safety to be found
neither is there a saving pill.


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