Poem: Time-Straddlers

We are straddlers riding
on the back of time
clinging precariously to its sides
between the now and future
unassured of any final outcome-
lost in moments of loving and hating
laughing and weeping
hoping and despairing
dreaming and waking-
winning and losing
what’s that we can count as our own
at the end when all that we would but inherit
is old age and its decaying hours?
the youthful field would have lost its glory
and nothing is left of all the summer-flowers–
my pen would have been dry
my words, feeble and faint
no valiant song would spring forth
from my mouth, nothing radiant
would come my way but the day’s long sigh
in the horizon mist hangs heavily 
dust seems to cover my weary eyes
my voice has lost all its vibrancy
nights come too soon and darker are their shades
the world is no longer mine and my lonely tears I hide.

Peter Lim MS, 11 September 2017